Puppet Shows


Two Takes on Patchen (2010)

Co-directed and performed with Miriam Jones

Two shot puppet shows based on two poems by Kenneth Patchen. developed form machine projects residency at the Hammer Museum. Preformed in the Little William Theater

Sun: A Poem for Malcolm X Inspired by His Murder (2010)

Written By Adrianne Kennedy (written in 1968)

SUN is "a hymnic work … [in which] humanity is an integral part of the transitional nature of the cosmos - physical and psychic forms in violent transition."

 -  William Elwood


The Science of Nostalgia (2009)

"the passage of time - the way we remember and how it all blends together like pea soup on a foggy day"

Echo Curio

NAME/HERE (2009)

"a guided walking tour following a day in the life of Isabel, a Silver Lake native of the 1970’s.  Among the bustling modern city streets remnants of Isabel’s daily life are unearthed, exposing a Silver Lake overlaid by generations of change. Participants are guided through the historical landmarks via an interactive 3-D map"

Manual Archives

Two Dinosaurs and a Girl (2008)

"two archeologists uncover the lingering sights and sounds of what might have taken place at tea time"



Hello? (2008)

"a small bone winged creature looks for liquid nostalgia to remind her were she came from"


Rabbit's House (2008)

          A parable written by Ama Birch

"Frog teaches Rabbit a valuable lesson about trust."

Taxidermy rod and hand puppets

CalArts (New Works Festival)

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