Video Work

Star (2012)

"STAR, a play for puppets, explores the compulsion for revenge within the emotional aftermath of the Tulsa Race Riots. The piece features an original score by Erik Lindley. STAR is one of 17 new plays in Erik Ehn’s Soulographie cycle, which looks at America’s relationship to genocide in the 20th century in Tulsa, East Africa and Central America.The plays make meditative space for considering the nature of genocide directly."

Video design -DanRae Wilson

Written by Erik Ehn

Directed by Katie Shook

Performed at Automata

Zoophilic Follies (2011)

"The adventurous puppet theater company Tandem and groundbreaking glam opera band Timur and the Dime Museum joined forces in Daniel Corral’s new puppet-opera, Zoophilic Follies as part of the NOW Festival. With comedic relish, Zoophilic Follies explores the lesser-known stories about the famed inventor Daedalus and illuminates how technology can give flight to our wildest dreams and gruesome failures."

Video design -DanRae Wilson

RedCat NOW Festival

String, Cardboard, Glue and Love (2011)

Mediations on space, identity and object

Multi-media installation project, exploring use of space, mapping and memory buy playing with perspective and methods of viewing. 

housed at Machine Project



Things I am Thinking Of  (Spring 2009)

Interdisciplinary Collaboration with Josh Gerowitz (School of Music MFA – Performer/Composer)

Set of 3 of found footage films rear-projected simultaneously on building shaped screens

With a live composition by Josh Gerowitz

Performed at CalArts (Roy O Disney Concert Hall)


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  found footage video of Mr. Smolin's classic tune "Casper" from the album "At Apogee"   (2003) 

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